stacey alexander
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My drawings embody my relationship with the internet as an alternate and parallel version of reality. Creating analog versions of digital content, my work questions the perceived value of existence and feelings of connectivity, examining slippages in modern communication. Succinct quips of impossible, self-administered advice twist the intentions of motivational memes to uncover inherent truths. Expanding on these ironic truths and inspired by the abundance of artificial flora in Los Angeles, I exaggerate the role of facade through the labor of drawing and cultivate another layer of artificiality. Images and data that attempt to fill the vacuous invisible network of the internet are stripped of their self-importance and recontextualized as labor- and time-intensive drawings. While presented as low-tech depictions, the data I reprocess into drawings respond to the complexities of simultaneously existing in these two worlds. My work grapples with the cultural impact of hyperreality, a manufactured social construct in which I find myself complicit.